Garden Design

With over 30 years of experience, Fern Ridge Landscaping & Eco-consulting can create the garden you desire. We continue to grow and diverge from the pack through our commitment to understanding – and responding to – the visions and goals of our customers.

Looking at the sample design below, you’ll see we use only botanical names, but have no fear: every contract

comes with an appendix that lists both common names and botanical names and provides a brief description of the proposed plants. We do things this way to ensure you get exactly what you want and also to avoid the confusion that can come with common names for plants. Typically, our designs have a wide variety of plants to promote biodiversity and avoid a disease or insect killing off a large portion of the garden. (Think of the problems with Emerald Ash Borer and Impatience Downy Mildew.) Naturally, we can design in any style you like from formal to cottage, contemporary to historic.