Professional Installation

We are the Canadian experts in broad-based enviro-solutions, for example attracting birds and pollinators to the garden and creating a habitat for predatory insects helps keep pests under control. Since practically everyone’s first desire is for low-maintenance landscaping, working with nature is the first, best step. This goes for matching plants to soil types as well. Old wisdom was to amend soil to plant what you wanted. We focus on the amazing lists of plants that tolerate certain soil conditions. There’s a giant list of plants that LOVE clay and another for sand, salt, rain gardens, dry shade and so on. You’ll have less disease, less expense and less work!

Proper planning is essential: spending a little today can save money and effort in the long run. This is true whether you’re doing the work yourself, hiring Fern Ridge, or even working with another landscaper. It also allows you to do work in phases while keeping true to a unified design. You wouldn’t hire Rembrandt to start a painting then Picasso to finish it!

We specialize in broad-based sustainable landscaping, employing native plants, and taking into account rainwater handling, permeable paving and more. For instance, with all the flooding lately, rainscapes are becoming especially important to hold and infiltrate rain on-site. We’ve done rainscape projects in Ottawa, Ajax, Orangeville, Mississauga, Vineland, Cornwall, Milton and more. There are many eco-methods – and we’ll use as many as we can – to help prevent flooding on your property and in your neighbourhood. Some communities are even offering grants! Talk to us. You’ll find us to be knowledgeable, friendly and responsive to your wants and needs.

‘Eco-friendly’ should never sacrifice beauty! Following proper design rules can and should give you both. We can show you how it can be eco-friendly AND beautiful, even with traditional-style landscaping.

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